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Wood Fence Naperville IL

Wood Fence Naperville IL
The Wood Fence Naperville IL Counts on for Beauty

There’s no disputing the fact that wood fences are beautiful. They make a natural complement to any yard, especially when stained rich colors. From spaced to shadow to solid, America’s Backyard Fencing and Decking installs a variety of wood fence types. Our trained installers only use quality cedar to ensure a beautiful finished product. The type you want will depend on the purpose of the fence. Perhaps you want solid for extra privacy. Or maybe you want spaced for a mix of privacy and visibility. Or maybe you prefer shadow for added texture and visual appeal. As Chicagoland’s choice for fencing of all kinds, our team can install the wood fence Naperville IL can count on for many years of service.

How to Care for a Wood Fence

Wood fences are beautiful but they do need a bit of TLC throughout the years. Mother Nature has a way of robbing your fence of its inherently beautiful properties. Here are some tips to maintaining it:

Wood Fence Naperville IL
  • Use protective paint, stain or sealant: Painting or staining your fence adds color and texture. It also adds a protective coat that guards against damage from the elements. Apply this protective layer every few years.
  • Use cedar or redwood for a “weathered” look: Cedar and redwood are great for giving your fence that rustic look. Plus, they are naturally resistant to rot, so applying a sealant will give it even more of a textured look while protecting it at the same time.
  • Keep water away: You can’t help the rain but you can point your sprinklers away from the fence. That’s because some municipal water supplies are treated with chlorine and other chemicals that can damage your fence.
  • Keep soil and plants away from the wood: The soil and plants won’t necessarily harm your fence but the insects that inhabit them will. The last thing you want is for wood-boring insects like termites to get into your fence.
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