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Privacy Fencing

Privacy Fencing
Create Your Own Quiet Oasis with Privacy Fencing from America’s Backyard

Whether hosting a grill-out, sunbathing on your deck, or lounging while reading a book, you deserve to enjoy your yard any way you like! However, that enjoyment can be hampered by every passing car, noisy neighbor, or pedestrian passing by. To maximize the enjoyment of your backyard space, you need to enclose your yard with privacy fencing. And thanks to America’s Backyard, expert privacy fence installation for Joliet, Aurora, Naperville, Oak Brook and the surrounding communities is easy to find! Call America’s Backyard today!

Why Install Privacy Fencing?

There are dozens of different fencing options available to residents throughout the Chicagoland area. However, only one fence type provides the safety, quiet and comfort you desire for your backyard: privacy fencing. When you install privacy fencing for your property, you can take advantage of benefits like:

  • Improved Security – If security and safety are something you’re worried about, a privacy fence can alleviate such concerns. Properties with privacy fencing are a deterrent to would-be thieves, providing a significant obstacle to intruder infiltration.
  • Increased Protection – You want your household to enjoy your yard as much as you do! That means giving kids and pets plenty of opportunities to run and play outside. And if your dog tends to “bolt,” or your child likes to wander, a privacy fence ensures they stay safe and in one location.
  • Less Noise Pollution – Neighborhoods can sometimes get loud no matter where you live! Especially if you live near a highway or busy intersection, noise pollution is difficult to prevent. Thankfully, privacy fencing can help dampen the sound that reaches your yard, creating a quiet outdoor environment.
  • Greater Privacy – As the name implies, privacy fencing allows for greater privacy of your property! Tall, solid fencing is placed along your yard’s border, creating a barrier passersby or visitors can’t see over. With a privacy fence, there’s no worrying over “prying eyes.”
  • Long-Lasting – With the proper care and if installed by expert fence contractors, your privacy fence can endure for decades! Even cedar fencing, which requires slightly more maintenance, can last for 15 or more years.
What Material is Right for Your Privacy Fence?

At America’s Backyard, we provide two unique options for our privacy fencing in the Chicagoland area: cedar and vinyl. Our fence types include many of the same benefits but offer distinct advantages unique to each material. For example, with our cedar or vinyl privacy fencing, you can expect:

Beautiful wood Privacy Fencing installed by America's Backyard
  • Cedar Fencing
    • Affordable – One of the best-priced options for new fencing.
    • Natural – Gives your property a more natural or traditional style
    • Custom – Can be customized easier than other fence types, allowing for paint or stain finishes.
    • Versatile – Easy to adapt to any outdoor space, allowing for intricate custom installations.
  • Vinyl Fencing
    • Durable – Incredibly strong, able to stand up against heavy snow and strong winds.
    • Sleek – A beautiful, modern style, the perfect addition to any property’s exterior.
    • Low Maintenance – Requires minimal to no upkeep.
    • Resistant – Insects, water damage and deterioration don’t affect vinyl, significantly increasing its longevity.
Call America’s Backyard

Stop dreaming about your perfect backyard oasis and make it a reality! Invest in beautiful, safe, and long-lasting privacy fencing in the Chicagoland area with expert fence installation by America’s Backyard. To learn more about our fence products or request a free estimate, call 815-834-1200. We are located at 1909 S Briggs St, Joliet, IL 60433.