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Fencing Companies Shorewood IL

Fencing Companies Shorewood IL
The Best Choice for Installation Among Fencing Companies in Shorewood IL

America’s Backyard installation services earn some of the highest scores on customer reviews among fencing companies in Shorewood IL. Our reputation for quality services and products earned our title as Chicagoland’s choice for fences and decks. We offer one of the best selections of aluminum, cedar, and vinyl fencing in the Windy City and throughout the suburbs. Our installers take the stress out of installing fencing at your residential or commercial property. Count on America’s Backyard to always receive the following benefits.

Our fencing experts make your shopping experience easy and trouble free! We can provide you with exact measurements and pricing information on the day of your consultation. That way, you will not get surprised by higher-than-expected charges. Make the best choice when it comes to fencing companies in Shorewood IL. Schedule your consultation now with America’s Backyard.

Receive the Best Benefits from Aluminum Fences

America’s Backyard offers you some of the best options on aluminum fences among all fencing companies in Shorewood IL. You can count on our residential and commercial aluminum fences to provide the following benefits.

  • Low Cost – Aluminum fences come at the fraction of the price of other metals such as wrought iron or steel without sacrificing durability.
  • Rust Free – More expensive fencing materials like wrought iron can lose beauty due to rust. However, our aluminum fencing will stay rust free to maintain your curb appeal.
  • Low Maintenance – Wood fences require frequent staining or painting. Other fencing materials, such as iron, will also require periodic coats of paint. However, you will not need to spend much time or money to maintain your aluminum fencing.
  • Customization – Other fencing products can cost quite a bit if your property includes several rising and falling slopes or grades. However, aluminum fence panels can get adjusted to fit slopes and grades without leaving unsightly gaps at the bottom of the fence.
Get the Classic Appeal of Wood Fences

America’s Backyard can enhance the look, comfort, and security of your home or business with cedar fences. We offer some of the most appealing wood fences among any provided by fencing companies in Shorewood IL. Our cedar fences provide the following benefits.

  • Keep Pests Away – Natural tannins in cedar fences repel mosquitos, gnats, ants, roaches, and many other common pests. That way, you can enjoy backyard barbecues or company gatherings without getting stung or worrying about bugs in your food.
  • No Pressure Treating Necessary – Oils in the cedar materials make it unnecessary to treat these kinds of fences. We do recommend staining your fence periodically. However, your family will get less exposure to chemicals with cedar fences.
  • Long Lasting Beauty – Cedar fences do not fade or turn gray as fast as other wood materials like pine. In addition, cedar fences retain their beauty longer between coats of stain and are less likely to warp than other wood materials.
The Top Benefits of Vinyl Fences
A yellow house with a new picket fence installed by fencing companies in Shorewood  IL

America’s Backyard also sells and installs vinyl fences that come with materials that hold up better to severe weather than other fencing materials. In fact, we offer some of the most popular vinyl fence products available from fencing companies in Shorewood IL. Our vinyl fences offer the following benefits.

  • Virtually Maintenance Free – Vinyl fences do not require pressure treatment, staining, or painting. You will not need to do anything other than periodic washing to maintain the beautiful look of vinyl fences.
  • Variety – You get your choice of many popular colors and styles with vinyl fencing.
  • Damage Resistance – Unlike wood or metal fences, vinyl fences cannot get damaged by termites, rust, rot, and other pests.
  • Weather Resistance – Vinyl fences handle extreme hot and cold temperatures and stress from high winds better than many other fence materials. Vinyl does not conduct heat like metal, absorb water like wood, or stay rigid in windy conditions like most other fences. Therefore, it resists damage better than most other fence materials.
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America’s Backyard offers residential and commercial clients some of the best products and services available from any fencing companies in Shorewood IL. Use our online contact form now to request a free estimate. Call 847-996-9730 to speak with one of our friendly representatives to schedule a consultation.